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Labour Market Commission

The Labour Market Commission was established by the Government in December 2007. The Commission’s key assignment is to propose employment initiatives that can meet the requirements in the socalled 2015-strategy.

The 2015-strategy is a medium-term fiscal framework set up by the Government to address the long term fiscal sustainability challenges. Starting from fiscal sustainability as the overall objective, the 2015-strategy lay down a set of economic requirements that will help guide fiscal policy.

To achieve long-term sustainability the 2015-trategy requires:

• Structural reforms that permanently raise (unsubsidised) employment by 20,000 no later than 2015.

• Actions to maintain unchanged average working hours, i.e. to counteract the negative impact on working hours from demographic changes etc.

The commission can decide which areas to analyse, but is obligated to address the following themes:

• How to make the labour market more inclusive

• Improve overall structures (better job match)

• Actions that can help secure a better immigration

• How to counteract the negative demographic impact on working hours

• Secure a higher retirement age

• Ways to make part time workers shift to full time

The Labour Market Commission consists of nine independent experts on labour market issues. The Commission is chaired by Director Jørgen Søndergaard, Danish National Centre for Social Research.

The Labour Market Commission is to report to the Government mid 2009.


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